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The meaning of the card The World

The last arcane is numbered Tarot and this card is the best of the game. Whatever the field concerned, success is assured. It bodes well for a bright future that is very promising. It highlights that all the obstacles and tests have been overcome. It evokes that throughout the joys, the happiness, the sorrow, the sadness, the doubts, and the experiences of the consultant they have evolved along the way. They can now enjoy the good moments of life, rest, have a good time, and savor their success. Certainty settles without a shadow of a doubt. The consultant benefits from the complicity of destiny and the circumstances that are favorable to them. This arcane evokes the reward of the efforts that have been provided no matter the field concerned. With this card in a game, affections and feelings are sincere and renewed. The objectives are achieved. This card symbolizes everything related to success, victory and luck. The consultant is in a state of grace where everything is successful. With this card, friendships, relationships, and loves are sincere, solid, safe, and authentic.

The World drawn upright

Upright, this card encourages the consultant to take advantage of all the good that fate and circumstances send their way. It presages happiness and particularly happy moments. When it comes to a question the answer is particularly positive. This Arcane presages a union based on sincere and lasting feelings, a fulfilling activity on the personal and financial level, a fruitful investment. With this card, everything is going in the right direction. The consultant can have a good time, practice a hobby, or afford what makes them happy.

The World drawn inverted

In reverse, this card does not reverse all the happy omens that it brings when upright but it attenuates them. The success is not as glorious as expected but appreciable anyway. The projects will be realized but it will require some more effort and a little patience. On the other hand, this card warns against feelings that are not very positive like fear and guilt. This arcane warns against the undesirable effects of greed or compulsive shopping. This card encourages us to continue to persevere on the same path because the success is not very far off.

The card The World with your mood

The mood is radiant! We feel ourselves an actor in our life, we guess that the world will be what we do, according to the law of cause and effect. We have the cards in hand, the best assets in our game; we are now doomed to succeed. We develop our self-confidence and our partners, based on solid certainties. This arcane announces positive changes, success but we must get out of the usual limitations. The World can announce a journey, a renewal in life.

The card The World in Love

The World evokes the possibility of a complementary, even fusional encounter. This is an incredible opportunity for singles that are likely to find a soul mate. As a couple, it is a period of beautiful understanding, of complicity and passion, of being unable to stay alive, the stagnation if it is not spared enough by the novelty, the unexpected. We must not remain a prisoner of an image, even ideal but live our love!

The card The World with your finance

With the World, financial assets are safe and we can consider bold investments. Material comfort makes it possible to make interesting acquisitions, it is an excellent moment to place money in real estate. This is an opportunity not to be missed because it will not show up so often, so we must take initiatives without fear but without excess.

The card The World at Work

The World announces the achievement of objectives, a fair reward, and a well-deserved social recognition that can even be linked to abroad. It's all the energy of an achievement card that makes it possible to reach the goal and to know it. This objective achieved, one must know how to renew oneself, set oneself other projects and not be bogged down by the most often imaginary obstacles. The only trap would be to fall asleep on the laurels of glory.

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