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The meaning of the card The Chariot

This card is illustrated by a triumphant character who drives a chariot pulled by two horses. It expresses the victory that is achieved by going straight to the point in a determined spirit. She says that all obstacles will be overcome no matter what. A new active and energetic phase comes into action. This card strongly encourages us to go after our ideas and our projects because success will be assured. We must get rid of all forms of hesitation and move forward by being sure of our qualities and skills. It evokes the choices and the trials of the past that have been overcome and that now a new era is coming. Doubts are part of the past and they have turned into a determined energy that is eager for change and novelty. This card expresses that we must no longer be swayed by illusory or superficial promises. We must go directly to what is essential, useful and constructive. The consultant must rely on their ability to undertake, create, and act because this will lead to success.

The Chariot drawn upright

Upright, movements and actions, are presaged by this card. She announces trips, vacations, meetings, a move, or a change, which will be very profitable. A period of uncertainty will be overcome thanks to luck combined with initiatives or unexpected help. This card announces the end of a difficult period that will result in the beginning of something new whatever the field. A new job, an unprecedented meeting, a reconciliation, everything is possible. Failure and trials leave room for success and victory.

The Chariot drawn inverted

In reverse, this card evokes energy expenditure for unnecessary causes or ones that are already lost before they begin. She warns against overconfidence or a project that would lead nowhere. The expected help is likely to be disappointing. The promises will not be kept. The lack of control of emotions generates anger, panic, and crises that can lead to conflict or worse breaks. With this inverted card, the wisdom is to control one's inner instances and to exercise discernment, tact and diplomacy in the face of adversity.

The card The Chariot with your mood

The mood is conquering with the Chariot! We promise to achieve a goal and the Chariot gives the means, allows to express and give the best of oneself. One is encouraged to evolve and to go to the end of his companies; one maintains the pressure until one has obtained a gratifying result. The Chariot induces a success due to the recognition, to a control of the mind on the matter.

The card The Chariot in Love

For singles, a meeting is possible during a business trip or pleasure. As a couple, it can be a romantic trip or a move to a shared life. The Chariot is an indication of a deep understanding in the couple, provided that each faces his contradictions and that no one gives in to his doubts so that the other does not get discouraged.

The card The Chariot with your finance

The Chariot promises a great financial success, judicious investments, real estate operations or first-rate stock market. However, do not fall into the trap of ease and squander his wealth. We must keep the sense of the measure and avoid any impulsive placement, dictated by exaggerated optimism.

The card The Chariot at Work

The Chariot is very beneficial for the professional success, the recognition, the completion of a project or the search for a job provided it is animated by a strong spirit of initiative. However, no hasty decision making is recommended. This is an opportunity for advancement, a reward thanks to the abilities and ambitions. Displacements are likely and rewarding.

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