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The meaning of the card Justice

This card evokes that everyone harvests what they sow. Double-edged, this arcane rewards good deeds and punishes bad ones. This card evokes the justice that is above those of men that no one can escape. It expresses that, in existence, everything is logical and that each action leads to a reaction. It therefore encourages us to act in the most correct way to avoid a backlash. It encourages acceptance of the unpleasant because, in essence, justice is fair and beneficial. This arcane is still severe but it must be taken in the noble sense of the term. In its severity, there is something that will prove good in the end. She therefore encourages integrity, honesty, and uprightness, even if the circumstances encourage her to cross the line. It conveys the message that by staying honest, whatever happens and even if it takes time, success will be at the end of the road.

Justice drawn upright

Upright, this card bodes that a dispute will be settled in favor of the consultant. She announces a reconciliation that will solve a problem or a dispute. Despite past and present obstacles, victory is assured! It announces an end, whether to a relationship or a situation, which will be a release for the consultant. The most difficult situations will be overcome, being confronted in a methodical, organized and logical way. Upright, this card foreshadows a long-awaited and expected victory, the end of a period of restriction that was inevitable.

Justice drawn inverted

In reverse, this card is not very comforting. It presages complications that will be difficult to solve. The consultant can suffer the consequences of a bad action or a bad choice. It advises against acting in a way that is not right or prejudiced, or too harshly. In any case, this type of behavior would have unfortunate side effects. A contract may not be concluded. The success of a project or an exam, is seriously questioned by this inverted card.

The card Justice with your mood

With the influence of Justice, the mood is sober, enamored of rigor, eager for improvement. This arcane invites to position itself clearly in front of the outside, the entourage. It is necessary to analyze the consequences of its acts to be able to harvest what one sowed... It is not a very playful climate and the mood is more to introspection than to the party but it is a necessary passage for a safer and more stable life.

The card Justice in Love

As a couple, it is the desire for stability that dominates and a decision must be taken in this direction, whether it is marriage, adoption, cohabitation or real estate purchase when everything is fine or break , of divorce if nothing goes anymore. Singles can make an important encounter that will balance their lives but they must first think about the reasons for their emotional loneliness.

The card Justice with your finance

With Justice, to keep one's finances stable, one must absolutely be balanced in all his steps and not yield to impulses, impressions, and unfulfilled desires. It is also very important to stay strictly within the limits of legality because administrative and even judicial troubles hover over every shady financial transaction.

The card Justice at Work

The Justice establishes a stable situation; it encourages the regularity and the honesty in the activities and the organization of the daily newspaper. This arcane favors contract signatures, notarial deeds and paperwork. Those who do not feel fulfilled in their work may consider a breach of contract that would make them free to embark on a new adventure.

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