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The meaning of the card The Moon

This arcane symbolizes emotions, sensitivity, imagination, intuition and by extension the world of childhood, the past, and the family. Well lived, his influences are beneficial for the consultant. His feelings are excellent guides. They express themselves with a lot of tenderness, compassion and empathy that help create a cocooning atmosphere. It evokes long-time friendships, which are sources of comfort and good times. It expresses that the family of the consultant is their pillar, their source of energy, comfort, and support. Badly lived, these influences turn into doubts and uncertainties. The imagination plays tricks on the consultant and they get lost in illusions. Events and shocks from the past have left a negative emotional imprint. Family ties, unspoken ones, hover and create a heavy atmosphere. The consultant is still hooked on their past and this hinders the expansion of their future and the opportunities that arise.

The Moon drawn upright

Upright, this card expresses the daily life stamped with a certain beneficial and reassuring routine. No breathtaking events in perspective but a well being that is easy to live. This arcane portends happy moments both in family or socially. The consultant can count on the support of their close entourage. She announces reunions of the past. It also presages parties, family reunions, a vacation by the seaside, a period of rest, and holidays. This card showcases creativity through artistic activities that would be beneficial to the consultant.

The Moon drawn inverted

In reverse, the qualities of this arcane when upright are thwarted. It presages doubts about the sincerity of a person, their feelings and intentions. It reveals a lack of friendship and relationships. Also, it highlights a refusal to accept the help that is proposed to the consultant. She warns against the toxic effects of falling back on oneself, in loneliness. It also expresses a truth that can be painful on the spot, difficult to accept, and which is, nevertheless, necessary to advance. She advises us not to be dazzled by appearances.

The card The Moon with your mood

The mood is all about sensitivity, imagination, dreams, and intuitions. The Moon watches over family life and sometimes announces a birth. The imagination of the artists develops and encourages the return on oneself. But in fragile, troubled people, it can also cause illusions followed by disillusionment and confusion. Overhauling problems of the past can lead to somatization, to go around in circles ...

The card The Moon in Love

The desire to found a family often accompanies the Moon. This arcane also encourages fantasies, imagination. It invites us to use emotions in relationships, whether present or future. Singles must distinguish between an ideal relationship and an illusory situation that would only bring disappointment and frustration in the future. As a couple, if this is not the time to schedule a birth, it may be an opportunity to improve the home: work, renovation, real estate purchase...

The card The Moon with your finance

The danger of the Moon is to be lulled by illusions, in all transactions, it is imperative to keep your feet on the ground and not to be swayed by those who seek their profit by means of dishonest maneuvers or to say the least doubtful. Well-placed family investments and proven spending are the best attitudes to take to benefit from the influences and intuitions of the Moon.

The card The Moon at Work

The Moon induces a somewhat turbid atmosphere at work. Many unspoken soar and this arcane may be a little too permeable and suggestible, which can pervert free will. The Moon asks to be intuitive with the entourage and lucid in the face of the situation. The artistic projects are clearly favored because the creativity is present but we must not be led by the emotions to avoid any pitfall of the Moon. Finally, it is an excellent influence to start homework.

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