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The meaning of the card The Wheel of Fortune

This card expresses that in existence everything is in motion, that nothing is fixed or acquired. It evokes the ascent and the fall, the ups and downs, which make existence rich in teaching, luck, and evolution. It expresses that situations and people move, change, and evolve. Nothing is fixed in the universe and here below. This wheel of fortune expresses the turning wheel that is both in the good sense and in the bad. It expresses luck, bad luck, prosperity, and ruin. In some aspects, it expresses the inevitability that, depending on the person's ability to adapt, becomes positive or negative. This card evokes the fate that does things well or not. This card symbolizes the change whose future will be subordinated to the abilities and reactions of the one who faces it. An open and responsive mind will see the luck that passes and will seize it. A closed, passive mind will not see her and will continue to lament her fate.

The Wheel of Fortune drawn upright

Upright, unexpected events will help break a deadlock or a crisis. This card translates them as a chance that is to be grasped without asking any questions. A situation will unblock in a sudden and unexpected way. Good news is announced. Ambitions will find positive opportunities to materialize. This arcane encourages us to show presence of mind, skill, and integrity. These qualities will guarantee success and victory in our initiatives and will be the best ways to seize the chances that come!

The Wheel of Fortune drawn inverted

In reverse, this card portends complications and tensions that will be difficult to overcome. Stubbornness can be a source of failure and disappointment in any field. She evokes that a situation can evolve in a destructive climate or will reign with jealousy, possessiveness, and conflicts. She warns against a personality that can be despotic and angry. This card strongly advises not to act under the influence of impulsiveness or anger because it would have regrettable effects. A situation will require efforts that are likely to be beyond the possibilities of the person concerned.

The card The Wheel of Fortune with your mood

This arcane speaks of instability and therefore requires to be very clear with oneself in questions and expectations. One must be aware of the cyclical nature of situations. The mood is just as unstable and it is good to say that the wheel turns, that the situation, even if it seems very difficult to live, is not eternal.

The card The Wheel of Fortune in Love

A wind of adventure can blow on the emotional life, favoring new encounters, even if in general these new links remain superficial. The Wheel of Fortune can also indicate that it is time to change your habits within the couple to have a chance to rekindle the passion. We must seize the opportunities of the present moment, the hour is ephemeral but it is not an incentive for infidelity!

The card The Wheel of Fortune with your finance

The Wheel of Fortune emphasizes an unstable period with variable finances that need to be stabilized. You have to keep your assets, protect your wealth. If chance happens at each turn of the wheel, we can also provoke it, the events are written; we only have to wake them up: sow to harvest. One can possibly trust gambling.

The card The Wheel of Fortune at Work

Happy initiatives make it possible to seize multiple chances. In any event, one must be aware that a period of good luck is opening up; unexpected opportunities may arise and provoke beneficial transformations that liberate an alienating situation. To take full advantage, do not be agitated but stay moderate. We must not suffer this atmosphere but be superior by turning it on its own initiative.

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