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The meaning of the card Judgment

This card symbolizes surprises, unexpected events, and change, which come happily after a difficult period. It expresses the favorable circumstances which restore confidence and makes it possible to start afresh. It evokes something long awaited and arrives in a completely sudden and unforeseen way. The Judgment is the news, the project, the encounter, the work hoped for and dreamed about that happens in unforeseeable circumstances. This arcane evokes calls, letters, correspondence, texts, and emails, which open us to new perspectives and make us revisit life with rose colored glasses. Also, this arcane expresses a decisive turning point in the existence of the consultant who will have to negotiate firmly and not let it pass. This card symbolizes independence, freedom of action, the return of the past charged with good intentions. Also, it symbolizes, for those who have this sensitivity, the Protection of destiny, which when it starts, solves all the difficulties for the one who knows how to react quickly and well.

Judgment drawn upright

Upright, this card announces a success or a victory, after a difficult period. It presages that an event will change the life of the consultant and that it will be beneficial. This arcane announces that the consultant will be released from a complicated situation thanks to a stroke of luck and the concurrence of the circumstances. Unexpected news is announced to the delight of the consultant. This arcane encourages us to make quick and effective decisions about how lucky we are. It encourages us to take advantage of this favorable period to take initiative.

Judgment drawn inverted

In reverse, this card does not reverse all the happy omens when the card is upright but it attenuates them. The success is not so glorious as expected but appreciable anyway. The projects will be realized but it will require some more effort and a little patience. On the other hand, this card warns against feelings that are not very positive like fear and guilt. This arcane warns against the undesirable effects of greed or compulsive shopping. This card encourages us to continue to persevere on the same path because success is not very far off.

The card Judgment with your mood

The mood is for hope and comfort. An improvement is emerging in a worrying situation; we feel that we must make changes to adjust to a new situation. The Judgment encourages listening to the intuition that can guide without the need to seek the approval or recognition of those around. To regenerate, instinct encourages change of air.

The card Judgment in Love

The Judgment can sometimes announce a wedding or a birth, even a new meeting in a public place, a reception, a concert... It is the symbol of a renewal in an existing couple. It encourages refreshing the feelings, the emotions, the behaviors. The Judgment also symbolizes an event that will occur soon and could destabilize the balance in place. You have to listen to your intuition to be guided to the right attitudes.

The card Judgment with your finance

The Judgment indicates a period of change and metamorphosis, the heritage evolves on the basis of new discoveries. This arcane is the index of an important renewal after a period of crisis, a rebirth, a resounding financial success, based on very accurate intuitions and particularly judicious investments. To take advantage of this magnificent influence, it is imperative to take initiatives: the luck is there and will not be represented anytime soon!

The card Judgment at Work

The Judgment announcing a prosperous period during which new perspectives are unblocked and facilitated. This arcane speaks of sudden changes that can sometimes paralyze in the fear of necessary changes, we lock ourselves into a refusal of evolution. It is imperative to overcome this type of blockage to fully exploit the potential contained in the Judgment, we must trust his intuitions.

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