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The meaning of the card The Magician

This is the first card of the Marseille tarot. It symbolizes momentum, initiative, and creativity. All of which are freed from all forms of doubts and existential thoughts. It conveys the meaning of the initiative in order to find happiness, power, success, and victory. It expresses that, in the face of even the most complicated situations, a solution will be found by showing skill, cunning, and diplomacy according to the circumstances. This card expresses the need to trust each other no matter what. It sends the message that we must take initiatives to evolve in life. All in a positive, creative and enterprising spirit. This card expresses the free will that opens the field of possibilities. Also, it evokes the famous stroke of genius that occurs like lightning and which makes us succeed in great things. This arcane often represents an enthusiastic personality who has confidence in their qualities, in the future, and in their possibilities.

The Magician drawn upright

Upright, this card presages the beginning of something, a new action that will have positive effects. She says initiatives need to be taken if things are to change or evolve and then they will be successful. She says that taking a new direction without asking questions is what will lead to success. When this card appears in a game, it announces a chance that you must not let pass! This providence will provide the means to regain the upper hand, regain a form of independence, and flourish regardless of the field concerned.

The Magician drawn inverted

In reverse, this arcane advises us to postpone some initiatives because they will not win the desired success. This card evokes how it is useless to risk everything because the circumstances are not favorable to success. She advises us not to sink into impatience that would only encourage us to act on a whim but it would not be positive in the end. This card expresses that a situation starts off on the wrong foot and that it will generate complications that will be difficult to solve. The wisdom is to be patient and discerning.

The card The Magician with your mood

The Magician gives a great potential of skill, dynamism and adaptability but it also causes changing moods, the desire to shape his environment and his family in his own interest, sometimes to cheat to achieve it. In question: a lack of maturity, devouring ambitions, egocentrism and overflowing vitality. The Magician can cause problems of communication or dependency.

The card The Magician in Love

The Magician announces a novelty. Singles are attracted to younger or immature people, but these encounters can lead to a serious and lasting relationship. Couples evolve: they stabilize their assets before launching: they think of a child, a house or, simply, to embark on cohabitation.

The card The Magician with your finance

The Magician promises fairly stable finances, provided he does not let himself be influenced by charlatans of all kinds. It is therefore important, under this influence, to seek advice before embarking on major purchases or potentially risky investments. And more importantly, to follow these tips, whatever the desire to grow his assets, caution!

The card The Magician at Work

The Magician induces changes in socio-professional life: a new position, other responsibilities or a new construction site. These novelties are sometimes difficult to integrate and require a time of adaptation, the lucid management of its potential. It's a good time to find work, to apply but you have to develop a sense of initiative and make firm decisions.

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