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The meaning of the card The Tower

As much as the arcane XIII symbolizes the end and stopping in order to start again for the better, so much is the House of God a warning and a wrap on the knuckles, which puts the person on guard against their imprudence and actions. This card evokes danger and risks that should not be underestimated. She expresses that by dint of defying destiny, people or events, the fall will be inevitable. She sends warnings that can result in pain, very bad moments, a difficult conflict, or a break, in order for the person to recover. This arcane is illustrated by a tower whose roof is staggered but whose foundations remain intact. Two characters, one falls head first, the other is down. This means that nothing is completely ruined for those who know how to stop in time, correct their mistakes, and lower their ambitions. This card therefore warns against an excess of pride, excessive ambitions, obsolete certainties, and absurd pretensions.

The Tower drawn upright

Upright, this card warns against an obstinate refusal to review ideas, ambitions, or projects in order to avoid a fall or a failure. Through painful events, she sends the message to the person that it is high time they review their goals, ideas, and ambitions. It translates that a critical situation is only an immediate incentive to reorganize what must be to avoid the worst. It pushes radical questioning in order to start on a healthy basis. Through the circumstances, she puts the person up against the wall.

The Tower drawn inverted

In reverse, this card advises us to wait for a more favorable period to start a project. It presages relationship difficulties caused by mental rigidity and recurrent pessimism. This arcane portends delays and expectations. She advises us to take our trouble patiently without trying to commit imprudences. She warns against superficial relationships that would cause worry and disappointment. It highlights a mental resistance to change that breeds feelings of failure and nothing advances.

The card The Tower with your mood

The mood is warlike, voluntary and excessive. This arcane indicates a behavior that leads to collapse, to disillusionment. The best thing about this arcane is to take no radical decision but rather to balance what already exists and has proven itself. We are tempted by the novelty, the unknown, the new, but also by the excess, egocentrism and impulsiveness ...

The card The Tower in Love

Singles may be struck by love at first sight, a shocking meeting that will put a lot of questions in question, without stability being guaranteed. As a couple, the situation is also a period of crisis: it goes or it breaks. Everyone has to go beyond their egocentrism to think more calmly about what connects the couple, without dwelling on what separates them. We must resume a loving dialogue and complicit to spend this period a little critical. Mismanaged, this climate can lead to a breakaway yet avoidable.

The card The Tower with your finance

The Tower warns against companies being carried out without having the certainty that the foundations of the building are really solid. We must not invest without taking the necessary step back, we must carefully pay attention to the expenses and ask real questions if the financial disaster looms. It is likely that a change of course or financial adviser is essential to start on a better basis.

The card The Tower at Work

The Tower encourages initiatives but also impulsiveness and therefore unnecessary risk taking; this arcane invites caution, impulsive acts are not good advisers. However, a professional reorientation could be considered. Projects that are important to one's heart can fail but you have to bounce back, even if disillusionment is difficult to digest. We must ask ourselves if ambitions are in harmony with reality.

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