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What is Tarology ?

Tarology is an ancestral discipline that can reveal the psychological archetypes acting in your life. It is a divinatory art commonly used that comes from the dawn of time but which, at the present time, is too often under-exploited. The Tarots are generally used to predict future events, but it can be very interesting to get out of this overly simplistic view of their usefulness in order to understand really and especially to exploit what underlies these forecasts.

The inner life of every human being is composed of a great psychological richness that often acts without the knowledge of consciousness. The Tarot is an ideal tool to fully enter the self-knowledge, to dissect all facets of your conscious and unconscious, to better understand the subtle workings of psychology, to finally discover you as you are, unique and multiple contradictory and whole.

The Tarots use a language and contain a symbolism that allows you to enter the meanders of everyone's psyche and highlight the energies that are in action in the reality of your life or that will be active in the future. This discipline makes it possible to trace a path of evolution and to anticipate what we too often call "fatality". But it is a question of not remaining at this stage, the tarology also allows reaching a higher stage much more constructive and effective. To confine oneself to predictions by using a Tarot is to limit oneself to delivering a definitive snapshot of what must happen when it is certainly possible to modify the course of events to come.

A better understanding of your inner workings, of your expressions "reflexes" can lead to precise results that you can use in another direction. These changes alter the supposedly fatal future and encourage you to reinvent new paths, those in line with the goals you aim for, the goals you want to conquer.

Beyond the divination by the cards, the Tarot makes it possible to probe much more the psychology of a person, according to what it feels while looking at a card of Tarot: the emotions, the impressions are interesting to analyze because they reveal what the individual keeps in the depths of his/her unconscious.

Psychological spreading is an original way of using the tarot: you can read the lay-out yourself and express what images evoke for you. The help of a Tarot reader can be invaluable, provided he/she remains perfectly objective and respectful of your own feelings. He/She is there to listen to you and guide you but he/she cannot interpret the cards himself/herself or influence you.

Like everyone else, your unconscious is projected on the outside, on your environment: family, colleagues, friends... The Tarot cards show characters to whom you can identify, who are friendly, unfriendly, who you want or who scare you. By expressing what each image evokes you bring out from your subconscious the color of your relationships with others and with yourself.

This unpublished experience can help you get answers from your subconscious, even if you have no knowledge of symbols.

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