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The meaning of the card The Devil

This card arouses fear by the notion of evil that she understands. Beyond that, this card symbolizes energies, a magnetism, a will, and an out of the ordinary intelligence. Well used this potential will be very creative. It will trigger positive events in a mysterious or irrational way. It will incite us to cause completely unexpected changes. It will create intense feelings, encourage us to take calculated risks that will lead straight to success, victory, and reaching the peak. Misused, this potential will become destructive and uncontrollable. It will engender jealousy, possessiveness, abuse of power, and dependence. Also, this card evokes the impulses of the person concerned and the way in which she masters them. It expresses the underground fears of beings who rise to the surface with their side effects. It reveals the dark aspect of beings who worry, who generate doubt, and who must be enlightened.

The Devil drawn upright

Upright, this card is synonymous with passion, freedom, and a determination that will reflect positively on our existence. It bodes a brilliant success no matter which field. She announces that the obstacles that seem insurmountable will be overcome. It presages intense moments, rich in emotions and in feelings. She encourages us to take risks, follow our intuitions, and stay true to our way of life. This arcane announces that the person will have the upper hand over fate if the latter is against them. The blows of genius and sublime ideas are to be privileged and followed with a cool head and discernment.

The Devil drawn inverted

In reverse, this slide highlights that failures and defeats are largely caused by an error in strategy, judgment, or orientation. She announces that the person or a project ends in disaster due to a total absence of discernment or an excess of pride. It evokes a person who completely refuses to hear the advice or see the warning signs of failure. Inverted, this card has a more radical effect than when upright. Defeats and failures will, consequently, be more difficult and longer to overcome.

The card The Devil with your mood

The mood is tense, we feel that we must not remain attached to values a priori essential but ultimately, completely superficial. We try to free ourselves from a carapace, to express other values that were dormant. Passion can become constructive, love could be eternal, sexuality become procreative, and gives life. It is necessary to return to the source, at the beginning, where everything begins, at the origin, to find the absolute love, the one which never disappoints.

The card The Devil in Love

The Devil often induces a meeting very physical and passionate, ephemeral but intense. This arcane can indicate that the magnetism operates a certain charm. The Devil is an agitator: he threatens what seems too harmonious. This arcane can provoke jealousies, founded or not, of the possessiveness towards the partner. It encourages the establishment of relations of domination. Singles or couples, do not give in to negative impulses that could disrupt the relationship.

The card The Devil with your finance

The Devil can spark an opening to a well-paid job or to a powerful company in the economic market. Thanks to his authority, this mystery can help to obtain a position of responsibility. But do not give in to too ambitious impulses and especially, avoid doing wrong around you because it would necessarily be like a boomerang. There are also risks of manipulation and concealment.

The card The Devil at Work

The Devil evokes favorable or unfavorable financial transactions. It is the symbol of materialism and all the pleasures attached to matter, with what it entails as the risk of excess or dependence (the game in particular). It all depends on how this passing passion for the goods of this world is managed. As long as we stay within the limits of good sense and management as a good father, fortune can occur but we indulge in greed without discipline, the worst is to be feared, whether questionable investments or excessive spending.

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