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The meaning of the card The Star

This arcane evokes the Lucky Star, the one that protects and in which the person believes. Believing in your Lucky Star reveals an open mind to what is irrational, intuitive, beneficial, and bright. This card expresses the feeling of believing in something magical, flickering and doing things right. It evokes intuition and feelings. It opens us to the dimension of the benevolence of destiny, which makes us keep an optimistic hope through which everything is arranged. From a more pragmatic point of view this card evokes gentleness, kindness, sincerity, romance, tenderness, and availability. She announces that the difficulties will subside. With this card, the projects that were waiting will come true. The future is in its best light. It does not announce breathtaking changes but it ensures that well-being will re-establish itself in existence. After difficult moments, the person concerned by the draw will be able to breathe and relax. After a period of effort, the time of reward is announced by this arcane.

The Star drawn upright

Upright, success, whatever the field, is assured. This arcane presages strong and sincere feelings. The intentions towards the consultant are positive. Very good moments are announced by this card which encourages the person to take full advantage of it. Relationships will be very pleasant and rewarding. It also heralds contacts that will prove fruitful for the consultant and their future no matter which field. The consultant has all the means necessary to achieve what is important to them. Trust is what will help them overcome potential barriers.

The Star drawn inverted

In reverse, this card foreshadows a period where uncertainty will prevail whatever the field. She encourages us not to delude ourselves about a promise, a person, or a project. It evokes a situation that is unclear, a form of dishonesty. It presages the return of a person from the past who would not be beneficial to the consultant or that would cause emotional distress. This arcane warns against situations or relationships that are deprived of concrete perspectives, which are sterile and lead nowhere.

The card The Star with your mood

The mood is confident;, we believe in its potential, we maintain hopes of happiness. This arcane announces the success, a happy event and it is in itself that you have to look for your lucky star because the universe is a whole, everything is in everything and everyone holds in him a share of happiness and joy, which he is the guarantor for eternity. Just do not be overwhelmed by an exacerbated sensitivity.

The card The Star in Love

As a couple, the energy of the Star announces a period of harmonious and pleasant exchanges. It is an arcane of tenderness and seduction. Singles are in a period of fulfillment and emotional security through a written encounter in destiny. However, we must maintain good quality communication; we must not be naive or lack sense of reality. We must above all be patient, the Universe hears the wishes!

The card The Star with your finance

This arcane is a direct message that means the message is heard and patience is required. Financial investments can be guided and supported by sometimes unexpected exchanges and encounters. At the expense level, wisdom is required as long as one does not allow oneself to be influenced by an exacerbated sensitivity and to follow just intuitions.

The card The Star at Work

Under the beneficial influence of the Star, projects are facilitated, dreams come to an end, and difficulties dissolve. We can use creativity and the sense of aesthetics to be appreciated. An excellent intuition is the best ally of certain commitments. It is the moment to cultivate harmonious relations with the professional circle and to assert one's point of view without giving up one's convictions.

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