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The Origins of the Tarot of Marseille

The Tarot of Marseille is a 78 card deck divided into 22 major arcana, 40 minor arcana and 16 court cards.

The tarot of Marseille is a board game still popular in some parts of southern Europe and a divination tool for tarologists who use mainly 22 major arcana.

Its origin is difficult to define and raised serious controversies but it seems that the Tarot Divination was invented in ancient Egypt; no one can prove it with certainty. However, the multitude of references to Egyptian culture and mythology seems to favor this thesis.

On the other hand, we know with certainty that its introduction in Europe is prior to 1240, the year in which the Synod of Worchester prohibits the game "kings and queens", also called Naibs, who would be the ancestor of the current Tarot de Marseille. The first writings relating directly to "our" Tarot are located in 1378 in Spain, brought by the Moors, then in 1379 in Italy where we find the Venetian Triumphi.

At that time, it comes to playing cards but it is certain that the symbolic messages in the Tarot de Marseille go way back in time, probably at the beginning of the Christian era.

The invasion of Louis XII in Italy would be at the origin of the first tarots in France. It was Paul Marteau who, in 1930, gave us the Tarot of Marseille as we know it today; it is also he who chooses to title his tarot, destined for the cartomancy market, "Ancient Tarot of Marseille".

Centuries, successive civilizations, beliefs, philosophies, and a symbolism in perpetual evolution, are at the origin of a multitude of tarots. These tarots were created by people bringing their own vision of the tarot and its symbolism.

The major arcana symbolize our human condition, with our potential, our faults, our doubts and our existential crises. Other cards indicate external influences, relationships to others, and the strength of Fate. The symbols contained in the Tarot, the energies it releases and a rigorous, respectful practice by a gifted practitioner, make it possible to reveal the future of a situation, the present moment being the result of the road traveled.

The Tarot reader uses the symbolism associated with each card of the spread to analyze the conclusions, make predictions and advise his/her consultant. A good Tarot reader consultation allows the discovery of our deep personality and reveals knots buried deep in our mind. With adequate support, it is the opportunity to work on our own evolution, in harmony with our environment.

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