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Tarology is an ancient art that can reveal the psychological archetypes that work within you. It is a commonly used divinatory art, which comes from the mists of time.

Tarots have always been used to anticipate future events. But it is important to move away from a view of things that is too simplistic, in order to better understand what underlies the facts. The inner life of every human being is made of great psychological richness and we often act without the knowledge of our consciousness.

The tarot, whatever it is, represents an ideal tool to evolve in the knowledge of oneself. It is a symbolic language that allows us to delve into the twists and turns of everyone's psyche and to highlight the mental and spiritual energies in action, in the reality of everyday life and in the future.

The practice of tarology makes it possible to trace a path of evolution by anticipating what is often called "inevitability." This is frequently only the result of our actions carried out, more or less, consciously to our advantage or our disadvantage, without our necessarily being aware of it.

Thanks to tarology, we can reach a higher stage of consciousness that is much more constructive and necessarily more effective. One should not confine oneself to the predictions given by the draw, it would be like limiting oneself to giving a definitive picture of what must happen, while it is obviously possible to modify the course of future events.

A better understanding of your inner workings, of your expressions and "reflexes," can lead to precise results that you can use in other directions. These initiatives change the future, which loses its original fatality and allows you to reinvent new strategies, more in line with the objectives, aspirations, and ambitions you have.

Your life is something to be conquered every day in order to evolve serenely and efficiently. Discover how, with the Tarot of Marseille.

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