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The meaning of the card The Hermit

This card represents slow and deep movement, so do not expect sparkling and glittering events. Positive by nature, this arcane expresses all that is destined to evolve but things are done in a particularly slow way. It expresses solitude which is beneficial and which preserves the consultant from what would be detrimental to them. She, therefore, encourages us to see solitude in a positive way because it bodes well for something in the future. Also this avoids much hassle to the consultant in the present. In an unenthusiastic time, she encourages us to cultivate faith in ourselves and in what will happen. She also advises us to live a period of waiting and solitude, as a beneficial opportunity to become meditative and get to know ourselves. It encourages us to go on the path of truth and understanding so that ambitions are fair, true, and essential. This card foreshadows difficult moments to spend with oneself which will prove extremely beneficial.

The Hermit drawn upright

Upright, this card expresses that there is nothing to fear from stopping or a moment of solitude. In any case, this period announces future changes that will be very positive. She encourages you to experience this phase, which seems difficult or even unfair, as a transitional step that will reveal the best of you. It will lead you to a better future even if in the present nothing seems to announce it. This arcane encourages you to trust what will happen, to resist, and to hold on one way or another. To help you, she presages the support of an unsuspected friendship.

The Hermit drawn inverted

In reverse, the constructive and progressive loneliness and spirituality of this card when upright is transformed into isolation, fear, worry, and detachment from material life in an exaggerated way that excludes all possibilities of going out or getting ahead. The fear of commitment and the fear of failure makes love turn around in a vacuum, including professional development. It is advisable not to remain mired in the meanders of a bottomless past that encloses negative thoughts and prevents any form of questioning. This card warns against excessive caution that isolates from the outside.

The card The Hermit with your mood

We walk alone in the dark, counting only on ourselves, seeing only what is given to see... We know that the essential is invisible to the eyes and that only an inner lantern; intuition can illuminate the dark corridor of destiny. We become aware of its value and let time squeeze its experience into the hourglass of life.

The card The Hermit in Love

Singles need a period of reflection to take stock of their expectations. The hermit represents a period of solitude necessary, sometimes forced. It may, for some, encourage withdrawal into oneself. As a couple, when everything is fine, we experience a silent and complicit harmony but if the couple is not strong, the Hermit makes relations colder and more distant. This arcane sometimes indicates a period of celibacy inevitable.

The card The Hermit with your finance

The Arcane of the Hermit can announce a freeze of assets, a financial depression or, at best, the status quo: this card is not dynamic. The Hermit forces the investor to think, even if he does not present him any more opportunities; he breaks the superfluous expenses and encourages the small economies. It's just a question of patience to find ambiences more conducive to personal enrichment.

The card The Hermit at Work

The Hermit encourages the development of projects but not their realization. You have to be patient and be cautious because you may be faced with the obligation to work hard but usefully. This arcane often gives the impression of not advancing but patience is always rewarded. No hasty decisions must be made, but we must remain vigilant in the face of all the events that occur.

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