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The meaning of the card Strength

Force is represented, not by a muscular warrior, but by a woman, to express power in its feminine aspect. This card evokes the gentle, voluntary, determined, and firm power that knows what it wants, how to act, and who achieves its ends. It expresses the vitality that is in every human being that starts when events or situations require it. It symbolizes the supreme, unsuspected energy that comes from the depths of being, which is formidable, powerful, and breathtaking when it comes into action. Force is brutal, violent, aggressive, uncompromising, proud, weak, incoherent, and destructive when not channeled. She is subtle, fine, triumphant, evolutionary, constructive, protective, persevering, and enduring when she is mastered. It also evokes sincerity, fidelity, motivation, and also the balance of power, jealousy, possessiveness, and abuse of power.

Strength drawn upright

Upright, this card encourages us to take action for fair causes. It bodes that difficulties will be overcome. She announces victories and successes achieved quickly and easily. With this map, the evolution of a situation is brought to be fast and constructive. It confirms the sincerity of the feelings and intentions towards the consultant. With this card, the desires will be fulfilled. It presages pleasures, entertainments, and invitations that will be pleasant sources of nice sensations. It encourages making firm and concrete decisions that will be successful.

Strength drawn inverted

In reverse, this card bodes a situation that will generate infinite doubts. A project or a person, eagerly desired, will prove disappointing and unsatisfactory. Making sacrifices will not bring anything positive in the end. A need for change is sorely felt but the person concerned does not have the means or the leeway to satisfy it. This card evokes a frustrating situation that is suffered by lack of openness, creativity, and stubbornness. This card advises us to refocus on our fundamental desires instead of remaining locked in the infernal spiral of sacrifice.

The card Strength with your mood

The mood is voluntary, the tone is quickly brittle, it is not the most diplomatic arcane that exists! The Force gives a great self-control, a nourishing energy that builds and helps overcome most difficulties. It is the quiet strength, the determination and the conviction that we will succeed, and that all the companies will be carried out to the end, with success, of course!

The card Strength in Love

As a couple, a good confidence, and a strong bond are present, expressing harmonious relations, provided that one does not stifle the other! For singles, this arcane induces magnetism, an irresistible attraction. The back of this arcane is always a risk of jealousy, war of power where everyone tries to gain the upper hand over the other but the uncontrollable attraction remains however present.

The card Strength with your finance

Although the Strength is a sign of a powerful vitality, it can evoke financial problems caused by too much rigidity, a lack of flexibility in terms of opportunities, investment in particular. The Strength manifests itself in an internalized way in times when it would be good to ask for advice, rely on outside help to be sure to make the best choices.

The card Strength at Work

Only work leads to success and helps to overcome the obstacles of life. An impulse of independence makes you want to settle on your own but this arcane encourages keeping the control of the situation, even in the case where one is confronted with a tyrannical hierarchy which encourages the balance of power. We must keep his cool; otherwise we could regret his outburst. The best thing is an iron fist in a velvet glove.

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