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The meaning of the card The Hierophant or Pope

This arcane symbolizes wisdom, good advice, and clemency. It evokes everything that is particularly stable and durable. It expresses everything that is devoid of sentimentality and passion. With the pope, material affections and passions are completely out of date. It expresses that a corner is turned towards a more spiritual, more meditative opening. The detachment is reached or is in the process of being reached. With this card, the judgments are impartial while remaining benevolent. Knowledge, intuition, discernment, and goodness are the main values ​​of this card. Everything is done under the path of reason. The emotions are perfectly channeled. Feelings and ideas, are tinged with seriousness, depth, and fidelity. Neither romantic nor glamorous, this card expresses all that is reasonable. It expresses the traditions that are the guarantee of a lasting and discreet success. It evokes morality based on fundamental principles that separate the major flaws of human nature.

The Hierophant or Pope drawn upright

Upright, this arcane portends contacts that will prove fruitful for the consultant. An agreement will be concluded in their favor. A situation is set to evolve towards a stable and regular future. Relationships are devoid of the devastating effects of passion. On the other hand, they are enriched by an intellectual and spiritual understanding that guarantees their durability. What will happen in the life of the consultant will be tinged with seriousness, fidelity, and constancy no matter which field.

The Hierophant or Pope drawn inverted

In reverse, the virtues of this arcane deform to the extreme. Morality turns into illegality, injustice, and pettiness. Selfishness takes over. Serenity turns into boredom. This card warns against overconfidence in the ideals that would lead to failure and isolation. Entering the spiral of permanent criticism will generate conflicts and distance, which would be difficult to appease. To avoid the toxic effects of this inverted card, openness and the love of truth are necessary.

The card The Hierophant or Pope with your mood

With the Pope, we tend to seek good advice, to be guided in important decisions. It is an arcane that develops the qualities of listening and reflection, which enhances morality and keeps the mind open and attentive. The Pope installs certain serenity; he is the guarantee of an equal mood and a certain inner peace.

The card The Hierophant or Pope in Love

The Pope establishes good communication within the existing or future couple. It sometimes announces a commitment, a marriage or a reconciliation; the emotional ties are under high protection. Exciting exchanges take place and allow important decisions to be made together, so as to become one, united for the better and for the worse, in happiness and adversity.

The card The Hierophant or Pope with your finance

The Pope invites to be very attentive to the management of the material assets which are the guarantee of the general well-being. Finance is related to the quality of advice that is provided by bankers or accountants. Investments can be bold but always based on concrete evidence of their profitability. Purchases are less impulsive and acquisitions are sustainable.

The card The Hierophant or Pope at Work

The Pope points out the possibility of teaching knowledge, of acting as a counselor, using good communication. It protects and provides good insights in troubling situations and it helps a lot to demonstrate good faith. It is an arcane that can allow you to sign a new contract, as long as the position proposed really corresponds to the abilities, talents and desires of the applicant.

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