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The Hanged Man definication, Tarot of Marseille

Presentation of the card The Hanged Man
The Hanged Man
This card evokes impotence in the face of a situation. It conveys the feeling of being bound foot and fist without being able to act in any way whatsoever. It expresses situations that are not mastered by the consultant and against which they can not act. It conveys that it is useless to try to influence people or events. It evokes letting go and renunciation. It expresses a feeling of loneliness in front of the impossibility of acting, which can go as far as pain and panic. It tells us that it is useless to fight. The wisdom is to take advantage of this pause imposed by the events to meditate on a situation and on the choices. She says that the time to act has not come yet. With this card, a phase of waiting, of immobility, of delay is running. She encourages us to accept destiny as it stands and to show devotion without waiting for anything in return. This card represents detachment and sacrifice. This hangman expresses an obligatory passage which presages a future improvement.
The Hanged Man drawn upright
Upright, the only thing to do is wait as calmly as possible for the situation to settle down. This card encourages us to accept certain situations even those which are unpleasant because in a little while, they will prove very favorable. The thoughts of the person concerned will evolve into a detachment of what is close to their heart in the present through undesirable events. This card evokes the sense of duty to which it is not possible to escape for the moment. A project is nebulous and needs to be further worked on.
The Hanged Man drawn inverted
In reverse, the omens of this card are the same as those announced here but it evokes the reactions that, for once, are negative. Faced with what is unavoidable, the person concerned is particularly pessimistic and clings to what they have learned. This card evokes the feeling of defeat or failure, which is the cause of torment, discouragement, bitterness, and anger. The consultant may be faced with a truth that will be difficult for them to accept or that will require a painful decision.
The card The Hanged Man with your mood
The mood is morose because one feels in a locked, frozen situation, with the feeling that it cannot be solved. We must not focus on this obstacle but take advantage of this mandatory downtime to reconsider the whole of this situation and draw the lessons that will lead to a better start.
The card The Hanged Man in Love
This is the status quo; nothing new is imminent in the immediate future. The love situation seems completely blocked. As a couple, this arcane induces a period of sacrifice necessary to maintain or revive a union. The fear of being abandoned can develop great anxiety. Singles have the painful feeling that their power of seduction is totally extinguished but it is only temporary.
The card The Hanged Man with your finance
It is too late to act; we must assume the last financial decisions, pay and suffer the consequences of his actions, even if it means ignoring pride. Accepting the uncomfortable situation of the Hangman, it is in the one and only goal of finding a more favorable position very soon by being able again to restore the situation.

The card The Hanged Man at Work
Projects may be temporarily blocked or take a long delay, sometimes they are simply canceled. No new start for now, the Hangman induces a period of reflection where one feels demotivated and inhabited by a lack of interest in his work. We must take patience and not be discouraged...

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