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The meaning of the card Temperance

This card symbolizes tranquility, peace, harmony, relief, and comfort. Temperance represents the inner metamorphosis and the regeneration that often occurs after an ordeal, a crisis, or a difficult moment. It expresses the feelings of well-being that settle and are appreciated. She mentions that fears are outdated and transmuted. The person feels a new confidence in her, sure, stable and determined. This card expresses that the tests and difficulties are assimilated and outdated. Thanks to the bad moments, the person is tolerant, understanding, calm, posed and knows how to adapt to the circumstances. It reflects a form of spiritual opening that gives a vision of life and of people that is softer and more serene. Sociability takes over. The desire to collaborate, to share, to give, without waiting to receive takes shape. The person feels freer in the emotional, affective, and practical sense.

Temperance drawn upright

Upright, this card presages a stable existence where commitment is in the spotlight. The links and the situations are consolidated. Happiness, simple and authentic, settles in the life of the person concerned. Compromises are made in joy and in agreement. Reconciliations are made thanks to a new tolerance. This Arcane foreshadows unforeseen pleasures, pleasant surprises, moments of relaxation, and holidays. It ensures that a stable and lasting happiness is promised to the consultant. Without blaring effects and transformers, this card announces a well being that is welcome.

Temperance drawn inverted

In reverse, things get complicated. The qualities of this arcane when upright are completely reversed. Risk taking is dangerous and leads to destruction. Contempt for danger encourages us to do anything. Primary instincts are revealed. Ambition and pride take over. A climate of tensions settles in the existence of the person concerned, which instead of appeasing it, amplifies it with a toxic behavior. This card presages a lack of respect for moral values ​​in order to satisfy ambitions by any means.

The card Temperance with your mood

The mood is enterprising and serene, fabulous mix! An energy of renewal encourages widening the personal limits. It is not an arcane of great upheaval but it proposes a constructive and evolutionary way. But we must remain adaptable to maintain harmony, if we stumble, we stumble. The message of this arcane is to trust in accepting situations as they arise as and when.

The card Temperance in Love

On the heart side, Temperance could put an old acquaintance on the way, as a nod to the past. In any case, singles can make a new meaningful encounter, possibly more focused on friendship than love. As a couple, it is time to relax communication to improve relationships and maintain mutual tolerance. We must balance the moods to avoid parasitizing the relationship.

The card Temperance with your finance

Temperance recommends weighing the pros and cons before starting or making a decision, do not burn the steps, it is better not to make a profit rather than lose money. In any case, we must invest only knowingly, without being influenced and it is imperative to avoid wasting.

The card Temperance at Work

Temperance announces a period of regeneration in professional life; it augurs new opportunities or even a return to old work that needs a renewal. There is also a risk of a tense situation where there is a lack of communication. We must look beyond the visible aspect of situations and especially trust. You can start by picking up your phone and start a dialogue!

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