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The meaning of the card The Lovers

This card evokes a choice that must be made which will have an impact on the future. It represents an unstable situation, a difficult decision to make, or an emotional situation that is shared. It encourages action without being dependent on the influence of others. It encourages us to take stock of desires deep in calm and without external pressure. This arcane warns about the quality of reflection because once the decision is made it will be irremediable. The consultant will have to take on their responsibilities. This card symbolizes the wait that is caused by indecision or the lack of elements that make a decision. Also, it expresses a relationship or a project that is not yet concrete or that is being formed. Consequently, acting in an unthinking way would jeopardize this development. This card encourages us to make decisions devoid of selfish intentions or based on satisfaction and personal ambition.

The Lovers drawn upright

Upright, this card evokes that the choices will be taken in calm and without external pressure. The consultant has his free will and will make good use of it. The decisions that will be made will be positive for the future. An incipient relationship can lead to a constructive future provided that the internal authorities are mastered. A promise will be kept, a commitment will materialize despite current doubts and uncertainties. A conflict must be seen as a trial and not a failure, which, once overcome, will prove beneficial for the future.

The Lovers drawn inverted

In reverse, this card evokes promises that will not be held with their share of disarray and misunderstanding. She warns against attractions, desires, and projects that would be disappointing because they are based on personal satisfactions. The lack of spiritual openness is glaring and leads to choices that will prove to be wrong at one time or another. The need to detach oneself from material and physical attractions is the best path to follow in order to avoid disappointments and mistakes. This card warns against superficial loves.

The card The Lovers with your mood

The Lovers face a commitment that free will leaves free to follow or not. One wonders about one's activities, one hesitates, one seeks, one asks oneself about the place of love relationships in one's life and one develops parallel a great artistic sense, thanks to a beautiful inspiration which must find a way of s' express positively.

The card The Lovers in Love

With the Lovers, new encounters are on the agenda. In couples, certain dissatisfaction gives desires of change but one can feel perhaps paralyzed with this idea. This arcane advises not to play with the feelings of a partner; we must convince him of the sincerity of his feelings without putting him up against the wall. Singles are ready for new experiences!

The card The Lovers with your finance

The Lovers have a destabilizing effect on all transactions; it is time to leave a great indecision and take concrete steps to maintain a healthy budget. We must abandon investment based on emotion, impulse purchases or imposed credits. Everyone must use his freedom and his free will to decide, alone, the management of his heritage.

The card The Lovers at Work

The Lovers place the worker in front of a decisive choice. He has the freedom to choose between new proposals, a reorientation of his career, additional training, additional studies; he can also feel attracted by an independent activity. This is a great time to diversify, to try something new, to be versatile and prove to yourself its value and merits.

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