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The meaning of the card The High Priestess

This card evokes the evolution of things and events, which is done without noise and without fuss. Not very concerned by material events, she is more oriented towards personal evolution. It sends the message that if the events do not materialize it is because the consultant or their projects still need maturation and reflection. It expresses the time that is needed to develop a project that will change because the thoughts of the consultant will also evolve. It conveys the message that the consultant must master their emotions and imagination which will prevent them from acting in a reckless way. She advises us not to indulge in secrets even if the temptation is strong. It encourages silence and to remain withdrawn in all circumstances. In a draw, she expresses that time is the best ally of the consultant. Trying to rush things would not do any good. The wisdom is to show a serene and intelligent patience.

The High Priestess drawn upright

Upright, this card bodes a rather quiet existence devoid of unforeseen and fantastic changes. Life follows its course in a serene atmosphere oriented towards meditation and reflection. It evokes an inner harmony that reflects positively on the life of the consultant. The relationships are harmonious and tinged with reassuring constancy. It expresses that prudence and patience are the best assets that will allow the realization of a desire or a project. She advises to use the waiting time to refine a project and program our choices consciously.

The High Priestess drawn inverted

In reverse, this card expresses a difficult expectation for the consultant and generates misunderstanding. It expresses a silence, a lack of news, a heavy distance, and a lack of communication in relationships. Just like when it was upright, the popess expresses the constructive patience as far back as it expresses the passivity which, for the moment generates immobilism and a wait. The inverted popess indicates blockages which are often due to a lack of preparation on a project or of not seeing a situation objectively. The wisdom is to oblige oneself to act, to deepen a project, and to clarify a situation.

The card The High Priestess with your mood

The High Priestess encourages patience can easily turn inertia, passivity. The situation is suspended and its evolution is not yet very clear. Not knowing what is going to happen makes you nervous, worried and puts a damper on your sense of initiative. The High Priestess encourages action but we must find the right balance between the fertile waiting and forced inactivity that induces anxiety.

The card The High Priestess in Love

The High Priestess encourages the expression of feelings. Singles can suddenly discover the hidden emotions of a person, their meetings are discreet and rather turned towards older people or more experienced. Couples tend to formalize their relationships, marrying, cohabiting, putting children on the road, or buying property together.

The card The High Priestess with your finance

The High Priestess encourages prove wise, prudent and patient in finance. This is hardly the time to make a major purchase or invest heavily on a whim. It is rather a good atmosphere to discuss with your banker or accountant and start a new financial hygiene, based on a rigorous analysis of the situation.

The card The High Priestess at Work

The High Priestess encourages reflection before action. She also promotes discretion for all projects and battle plans. Intuition is very important in the choice of the way forward but it is a good influence to retrain, resume training or quietly prepare a new independent activity. Anyway, it's a moment when we develop a strategy without leaving the wood...

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